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We utilize a Spraybake Paint booth and Oven constructed of the highest quality materials and built to exacting standards to provide us with the correct environment to produce the finest quality finishes. Our Downdraft Spraybake is designed to remove airborne particles and prevent harmful vapors from venting into the atmosphere. Air is distributed evenly across the top of the vehicle and exhausted from below. This creates an envelope of clean air around the vehicle and in turn, the optimum conditions for refinishing.


Our top of the line Anest Iwata spray guns have the highest transfer efficiency in the industry. This ensures the materials we spray end up on your vehicle and not dissipated into the atmosphere.

We take pride in everything we refinish. From matching a vehicles factory finish to creating a custom, mirror like finish, we can do it all.


-Measuring a vehicles unibody with our Car-o-Tronic measuring system, accurate to the millimeter. 

Complex, non-symmetrical design, sophisticated suspension systems, High strength alloys, robot-precise assembly techniques ... there's nothing simple about fixing today's cars.

That's why we've invested in the training and technology to guarantee you get a safe, quality repair.

There is no repair too big or too small, from the smallest dents and scratches to most severe impacts, we can fix them all! 



-Structural component replacement on a vehicle involved in a rear impact.


While collision repair has always been our specialty we do provide refurbishment and refinishing of your custom project. Have something you want to put a special color or striping on? Ask for Bill when inquiring about your custom project!



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